Mexican Clinics

All the organisms in this living world are made up of multiples of cells. Cell is the structural and functional unit of all living beings. All important functions and chemical reactions are occurring within these cells.

When an organism born it was made of single cells but gradually the organism becomes developed by increasing the number of cells by cell division. This cell division is controlled by some internal factures like some proteins, enzymes, hormones and finally the gene. The gene is the main factor who control cell division.


But some time unfortunately these genes become damaged as a result the cell division become uncontrolled. A cancer cell continues uncontrolled cell division and become immortal. Cancer are mainly two types one is benign that nonmalignant and another is malignant. The first one is also called tumor and the second one is cancer. The agents which cause cancer are called carcinogens. Tobacco, benzene, UV-Ray is the examples of carcinogen.

These substances destroy the structures of gene and they are unable to stop the cell division. There are many types of cancer according to their affecting site like carcinoma cancer in epithelial cells, myeloma cancer in connective tissue. Leukemia or blood cancer excess count of WBC, liver cancer, brain cancer, cervical cancer in uterus etc.

In the early time a cancer was a fatal disease but now it is not so fatal because its treatment and medicines are already developed. Many chemicals drugs are now using as a medicine of cancer. Other medicines many therapies like chemo therapy, radio therapy etc are developed. Many cancer clinics are developing all over the world.

Being a modern city of the world the number of cancer clinics in Mexico is improving. These Mexican clinics are well equipped. Many good and experienced doctors visit these clinics regularly. Many cancer patients are visiting these clinics. As the treatment method showing good results many patients is now visiting these clinics.