In Transition

Well, obviously, I haven’t been on here in almost a month.  I feel that I owe all you beautiful readers an explanation.  This past month has really been a time of transition for me, both in my career and in my diet.

A couple of months ago, I started casually looking for a new job to replace the part-time hospital food service gig that I have had since I graduated from college.  Although I absolutely loved the hospital, and everyone that I worked with, I was becoming frustrated with the lack of growth opportunities with them.  Even the chance of becoming full-time in my same position was very unlikely.

Well, about a month ago, I was browsing Craigslist, and I came across an advertisement for a dietary supervisor position at a nursing home, even closer to home than my hospital job.  For some reason, from the moment I read that post, I had a feeling that that was going to be my next job.

The post said to apply in person, so the next day I got up and went in to fill out an application.  About an hour after I got home, I got a call from the dietary manager, inviting me to come in for an interview the next morning.

The next day I went in for the interview.  It went incredibly well, and two days later I received the call offering me the job as full-time dietary supervisor!  I was so happy that I literally started sobbing as soon as I got off the phone with my new boss.  All I can say is, God is so so good.  (And a huge thank you to all my friends and family who were praying for me that week!)

Between the chaos of ending one job, starting another, and completely changing my schedule, blogging has completely fallen off of my radar.  I went from working evenings Friday through Monday, to working 7am-3pm Monday through Friday.  Meanwhile, Keenan is still getting home from work at 2am most nights, so I’m adjusting to barely seeing him, and having to sleep most of the night without him there, which is a difficult change.  It is all throwing off my groove.

I’m 100% grateful and overjoyed for the opportunity that has been set before me, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t coming with speed bumps along the way.

Another big change that I have recently made in my life, is that I have begun buying meat and eggs when I go to the grocery store.

My main reason for it is that I find myself constantly eating junk food, including junk animal products.  I have found that I am having a much easier time avoiding junk foods, if I allow myself to eat healthier versions of animal products.  So far I have bought organic, cage-free eggs, wild-caught cod and smoked salmon, organic, grass-fed ground beef, and organic, free-range chicken.  Call me whatever you would like, but to be honest, animal rights was never my primary reason for staying away from animal products.  I can feel compassion for the animals, but not to the point of abstaining from meat-eating for that reason alone.

I’m tired of having labels on me, and feeling that I’m going to be judged if I eat certain foods.  I want to be able to have a caramel (one of my favorite foods), and not feel guilty because it isn’t healthy or vegan.  I want to be able to be the genuine food lover that I am, without restricting myself because a certain food is “bad”.  I believe you can thrive, and still eat meat, eggs, dairy, and even junk, on rare occasions.

I have learned so much from my time of eating vegan/mostly vegan, and it has changed the way I will eat and think about food for the rest of my life.  That time is over though; I’m tired of having stomach aches half the time from eating so many legumes, and I’m tired of cooking food that my boyfriend won’t eat.  I made him a dinner of lemon and herb marinated chicken, brown rice, and asparagus last night, and he devoured it!  It was such a great feeling to be able to provide for him in that way, that I haven’t been able to do for so long.  Even the vegan meals that he “liked”, he wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic over as he was that chicken.

Obviously, my diet change has made blogging for a blog that I still think of as a “vegan blog”, quite difficult.  At this point, I’m still really not sure of how to continue from here.  Do I completely stop blogging?  Do I drop in on occasion with an article, a recipe, or What I Ate Wednesday?  I really don’t feel like I’m up to doing a full blog schedule at this time, but I would love to hear your input about the future of Lindsay Loves Veggies, since I really do write this blog for you.  I truly am passionate about helping people learn to live healthier, happier lives.

As for coaching, I am still continuing to do health coaching work.  I have absolutely no intention of dropping my current clients, and I would love to keep expanding my practice, and taking on new clients.  One-on-one attention is where I’m feeling especially effective right now.  Being able to help someone mold the healthy life that they want is such an incredibly fulfilling practice.  I have some serious love for my health coaching clients.

I am going to continue to pray and consider what the future of Lindsay Loves Veggies will be, while I make my way through this period of transition.  As I said before, I highly value all of your opinions, so please feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email.

<3 Lindsay



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9 Responses to In Transition

  1. Congrats on the new job!

    I would love to have you still post on the vegan or even vegetarian dishes you make as well as WIAW or other posts on nutrition! I think your posts offer such wonderful information, it would be a shame to not share it!

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks for the congrats, Gabby! Also, thank you so much for the lovely compliment.

      At this point, I’m thinking WIAW is what I’m most likely to keep doing, just because they’re so simple. With working full-time, joining multiple (fun!) church groups this summer, and activities involved with being on the food bank board of directors, sadly, my blog brain has just peaced out. People who can balance all of that with blogging have my absolute respect!

  2. Kyrandia says:

    I’m so glad you posted this because I’ve been having some of the same problems with veganism too. I’ve been having the same issues with stomachaches and bloating probably from eating so many grains and legumes. I’ve also been fatigued and anemic, and I have a hard time feeling satisfied eating vegan. I feel like I’m starving all the time, and in an effort to finally get full, I overload with high-calorie fruit smoothies or something. I’ve actually gained weight the last few months even though there have been many nights when I’ve went to bed still ravenous. And I also hate cooking foods my boyfriend won’t eat either!

    I have eaten some of my boyfriend’s chicken recently and we ordered Papa John’s a couple of times. I know that’s not the healthiest, but other than that, I still cook and eat 100% vegan for the most part. I’m having a hard time with the transition because veganism became such a part of my identity. And I didn’t learn how to cook until I became vegan, so I don’t know how to cook healthy omnivore meals that still have a large emphasis on vegetables and fruits. So I would love it if you would continue the blog and post about healthy omnivore living and cooking. I have no idea where to begin especially with so many free-range, grass-fed, cage-free, etc. options out there! I don’t know how to navigate through all these options in a grocery store.

    • Lindsay says:

      Thanks so much for your support, Kyrandia. I definitely understand the feeling of having a plant-based diet feel like part of your identity. Friends and family who don’t see me frequently are often really surprised when they see me eating non-vegan foods. Pizza just so happened to be the first thing I had when I broke vegan. It’s definitely my weakness.

      If you’re having trouble staying full, try adding more healthy fats to your diet. Make sure you’re eating plenty of avocado, nuts, seeds, olives, and/or coconut. One of the first animal foods I started adding back to my diet on a regular basis was eggs. I do hard-boiled eggs most of the time, because they’re super simple to make (if you don’t know how, just Google it), and they can be prepared ahead of time. I just grab one out of the fridge when I need a snack, or for a quick breakfast on-the-go I’ll often grab an egg and a piece of fruit. Eggs have protein and fat that will definitely help keep you full. They also have lots of vitamin B-12, along with other nutrients that aren’t available from plant-foods.

      I love the idea of some simple intro meat and eggs posts. I’m still not at a place with my job transition where I have the energy to blog, but I will definitely consider it in the future. I feel like I’m learning to cook right now too, since I haven’t cooked meat in years, and I wasn’t particularly skilled at it then. Right now, I’m still in the phase where I buy a pack of organic (for land-animals) or wild-caught (for fish) meat, and I use Google or Pinterest to find a recipe for it, then I pair it with some simple grain and veggies, or throw it on a salad.

      Feel free to email me if you have any questions! :)

  3. Loves Chocolate says:

    I was alerted to your blog post only today by Betty D. She said it was really good, and I totally agree. Your degree of self-awareness and honesty are to be commended. When time and energy allow, I’m sure we’d all enjoy posts on the theme of healthy living, which has always been the point of your blog, anyway. The healthy living theme certainly broadens your scope, but I’m sure you can find a way to bring it into focus in your special “Lindsay” way. Perhaps with the new job at the nursing home, you will gain insight, and can blog about, healthy living and aging – what some people do wrong and end up as pitiful old people, and what others do right and are vibrant right up to the near-end. I know genetics is a factor, but healthy habits make such a difference. Since I started eating better (thanks in big part to your influence) and exercising seriously, I feel so much better than I did 10 or 15 years ago. When I don’t work out or eat right (like when I’m on vacation for 3 months) I can really feel the difference, and I don’t like it. I dream of getting home and back to my exercise routine and a healthy diet so I will feel better. I’ll be 59 next week, and this is getting to be a bigger deal as I age. I’m starting to ramble. Thanks for listening.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have never been vegan and never will be and that was never the reason I enjoy your blog. I LOVE eating healthy. And making smoothies and juicing, eating lots of vegetables. And chicken and fish! Clean eating. I just love your love for health and have used many of your recipes because they are delish! I totally support your change and congrats on the job! I will miss the frequent updates but you have left a wonderful blog full of recipes and inspiration which I will still come back too! And I would love to see an occasional dish you create using your new diet! ;)

  5. Hillary says:

    I just recently found your blog and think you have created a wonderful amount of info and great recipes that I have been going back to over and again since I recently started on a plant-based journey. I think you should continue to post veg recipes and ideas when you can and hopefully keep your blog going. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations on the new job Lindsay! Sounds like it’s very well suited to you.

    I think everyone goes through diet changes many times throughout their lives. I’m a Vegetarian, but I have friends who eat meat and still have an incredibly healthy diet. Different ways of eating work for different people. Good luck with your new diet! I’m interested to hear how it goes.


  7. Jane Boulton says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Congratulations on the new job! I am so happy for you, all the way from Australia :)

    I only just discovered your blog and wish I found it sooner! I love your blog for food inspiration, recipes, information and a laugh (um, I just watched “The Smoothie Dance”).

    I think you just have to do the best you can; if eating meat and eggs is the best thing for you and your body right now, do it (but obviously try to get the most humane products you can, like free-range eggs). You don’t have to live under any label, and you make your own rules.

    You seem totally lovely, gorgeous and inspiring and as for the future of the blog, I say continue! But only when you have time and won’t collapse from exhaustion ;)

    - Jane xx

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