Pre-V-Day Date Day

Okay, so first off, I want to apologize for being such a laaaaame blogger!  I just realized that I haven’t posted in like a week and half, and that is just sad!  My dad actually just texted me and asked if I was done blogging for a while.  No way!  I’ve just been feeling uninspired, and slacking.  I’m sorry, friends!

Secondly, I still need to announce the winner of the 2 lb. bag of chia seeds from!  I used a random number generator to pick from among the entires.  Rebecca commented, “Mmmm i love chia seeds! They thicken up everything!  I actually had some with my oat bran today :)”  Well, my dear, you are the winner!  Congratulations!  I believe the company should be emailing you with further instructions. :)

Thirdly, I had an amazing pre-Valentine’s Day date the other day to tell you all about!

Keenan has to work on Tuesday (downside of working at the best wine bar in Washington on V-day!), so we decided to take our one mutual day off this week to celebrate early!  The bf always seems to be better at the date planning than me, so I let him guide us around, and I went along for the ride!

Our first stop was a brand new veg restaurant in Renton, called Blossom Vegetarian.  It’s only been open a very short while, but already seems to be quite a hit in the neighborhood… and for good reason!

The restaurant is run by a local Buddhist nun, who has been a vegetarian since she was 18 years old, and has been cooking for her convent for quite a few years.  It features an open kitchen, and beautiful Asian-inspired decor.

The food was pretty amazing too.  Most items were traditional Vietnamese dishes, but made vegetarian.  I stuck with a simple tofu with vegetables and rice, which was delicious.

Keenan went with the Mongolian beef.  Yes, I just said beef at a vegetarian restaurant.  She makes dishes so authentic, that she actually recreates the meats from various meals using soy products.  Keenan said that this was the first time he has actually enjoyed a faux-meat product, so that’s really saying something.

Doesn’t that look good??  I want to go back and try the whole menu!

Oh, and both of our entrees also came with a yummy little bowl of soup.

It was some sort of really good tasting broth, with tofu and veggies.  So good!

Having a cute date never hurts either.

After we finished our meal and thanked the owner, we headed off to destination #2 of date day: The Dog and Pony Alehouse.  It was just a little hole in the wall bar, but they have quite an impressive selection of beers on tap.  I even had my first beer of 2012. (Second drink, though.  My first was a glass of merlot at Keenan’s work.)  I chose a local ESB out of Kent, Washington.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was called or where it was brewed.  Boo.

This bar totally had a Cheers-y feel to it.  All the guys at the bar were BS-ing with each other, and the bartender, and all seemed to know each other pretty well.  It was a lot of fun, and we were on a first name basis with just about everyone there after spending maybe an hour there.

I managed to sneak in a mirror pic at one point. :)

After our beers, we headed up north a bit to Seattle’s artsy Fremont district (might sound familiar if any of you read Emily’s blog).  Our original plan was to go visit the Fremont troll (as seen in 10 Things I Hate About You), another beer at the Fremont Brewery, and dinner at Uneeda burger, but as usually happens when we try to plan, none of it happened.

What did happen was pretty cool though!  When we arrived in Fremont, I made a comment about never having been to Gasworks Park.  Keenan was shocked, and we immediately changed course to head to the park.

This big old hunk of metal is the reason behind the park’s name.  In fact, it used to be the site of Seattle Gas Light Company’s gasification plant, where they turned coal into gas.  Crazy, huh?

The park is the coolest, not for it’s former gasification plant, but for the walking trails and awesome view it provides of the back side of downtown Seattle and Lake Union.

Arlo and I decided that we needed our picture taken with the Space Needle.

I <3 Seattle.

We spent the remaining daylight walking up and down the main street in Fremont, checking out all the little shops.  Here’s the area in a nutshell:  Asian restaurant, bike shop, cute little boutique, Asian restaurant, coffee shop, art studio, Asian restaurant, hip bar, bike shop, day spa, Asian restaurant, bike shop, hip office buildings, coffee shop…  I actually really liked it.

That rocket ship is actually a clothing boutique.  So cool!

As it was getting dark, we were heading back to where we parked the car, when we caught the unmistakable aroma chocolate in the air.  We literally followed our noses until we found the Theo chocolate factory!

Of course we had to go in a sample some chocolate!  I tried about a dozen different flavors of dark chocolate and cacao bars.  Anyone else seen that episode of Portlandia?  “Cacao!”

I was so full from sampling that I didn’t even end up buying any chocolate!  Probably good for my wallet, since they’re at least $4 a bar, but I still feel bad sampling without buying.  Just an excuse to back again soon, right? :)

Instead of going out for dinner, we decided to go home and watch movies cause we’re cool like that.  It was definitely an amazing day though.  I love random expedition days with my boys.

What are your Valentine’s plans??

Have an amazing weekend!

<3 Lindsay




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