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Today was a fun day.  I had the day off from work, and spent the morning running around paying bills and running errands.  May not sound like a ton of fun to everyone, but I get a deep sense of satisfaction from a productive day!

In between making credit card payments and picking up cotton balls at Target (pronounced Tar-jay, of course), I had the chance to run over to Barnes and Noble and finally pick up the book for my new book club! 

A couple weeks ago I texted my friend and ex-roommate from college, Kim, and asked her if she was interested in forming a book club with me.  Although I consider her one of my closest friends, I haven’t seen her in over a year, thanks mostly to distance and busy schedules.  Now that the distance isn’t quite as big of a factor (I’d guess we now live about half an hour apart, as opposed to two hours), I’m definitely hoping to see her more often.  Her immediate response was, “Sure!  Want to read The Hunger Games?  I keep hearing good things!”  And so, our book club was born! 

She ordered the entire set of books that day, and now, I finally have the first book to begin reading!  I’m excited to get into the series, and to get the chance to discuss it with my good friend!

If any of you would like to join us in reading The Hunger Games, feel free!  I’ll be posting my review of the book once I finish reading it.  If there’s any interest, I’ll also post discussion questions at that time, so we can talk about it! :)

Natural Food Love

Today was also I fun day because it was my first trip to the local natural food store!  It’s small, but they have a great selection of natural packaged foods, along with bags of bulk items, like grains,flours, nuts and seeds!

I even finally found some of the good stuff!

I have been searching high and low for canned pumpkin ever since fall hit!  Every grocery store I’ve been to has been sold out!  Keenan’s mom has even been on the lookout for me in a completely different town, and couldn’t find any!  My craving can finally be quelled.  I’m thinking a pumpkin smoothie is in order tomorrow morning! :)

Some other fun goodies that we picked up:

A few cans of Zevia soda.

A new jar of coconut oil for cooking and body!

Seaweed snacks!

How could I possibly resist a flavor of the best vegan ice cream in the world, called Ginger Cookie Caramel???  I kind of have this HUGE obsession with caramel.  There’s a good chance that I’m going to eat this whole container in one sitting.

And last, but not least, a sweet little treat that Keenan picked out!

Carob Energee Bites!  These babies are deeelicious! 



When we got back from the natural food store, I got to work on dinner.  The recipe is one that I found earlier in the week, while planning meals and making my shopping list for the week.  I had planned on making it earlier in the week, but Keenan made his chili instead.  This was certainly worth the wait though!  You all know how much I love a good soup!

This lentil sweet potato stew is both delicious and hearty.  Great for a fall evening, and full of flavor.  I definitely won’t be complaining about eating this soup as leftovers for the next few days! 

You better believe that I’ll be attacking that Coconut Bliss for dessert! ;)

What’s your favorite product that can usually only be found at natural food stores?

Enjoy your Friday night!

<3 Lindsay

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