Hiking at Dash Point

Since I had the day off today, Keenan and I decided to take Arlo for a little hike out at Dash Point State Park, this afternoon! 


Weatherbug predicted a 92% chance of rain today, but we risked it to enjoy the crisp, fall air.  I worried when we hit a rain storm on the way down to the park, but we lucked out,and missed the rain.  We even got a touch of sunshine for a bit!

It was my first time to Dash Point, but Keenan has been there quite a few times before.  He enjoys the park for skim boarding in summer, but he also knew that there were a few trails through the park.  I love that it has both a beach and trails!

The first trail we took, led us from the beach to the picnic area.

"I sure am glad my mommy made me a sweater!"

 We made a little friend at one of the picnic tables.

The next trail that we found, called Heartbreak Hill was marked as the most difficult trail in the park. 

 I’m pretty sure we climbed the trail from the wrong direction, but the downhill climb didn’t seem quite steep enough to present a real challenge, even from the other way. 

We had a great time walking around soaking in all of the natural beauty of the park. 

Before we left, the three of us walked on the beach for a bit.

Arlo was loving the beach.  There were so many smells, and the sand was so easy to dig in! 


It was definitely an amazing way to spend the day!


As soon as we got home from the park, I began cooking dinner.  I adapted the recipe from one that I found online last week, and it turned out great!  The stars of the show were buckwheat groats and black-eyed peas, in this Buckwheat Hoppin’ John.

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow for you all to enjoy! :)

I’m off to watch the Princess Bride with the bf.  Have a great night!

<3 Lindsay

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